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You Can Make It!

Did you see a project in the Annual Catalogue that you'd love to make, but not sure how? Of course I'm always happy to help you... but did you also know that some projects are shown in the online store and you can conveniently add things you need to your shopping list?

Check it out:

When you check out the store, look in the left-hand column for "Project Ideas". When you select that, the page is brought up and a list of 17 current projects is displayed.

These are all the projects listed. When you click on one that interests you, a larger picture is displayed and you're shown everything you need to complete the project.

Pretty cool, eh?!

I'm always happy to help you with your projects and design classes for your wants and needs. This might be a great starting place to get you excited and get inspired!

Until next time, stay crafty!

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