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Organization, Part 2

Today I'm sharing a few more ideas to keep my space organized & items accessible! Do you use you phone, laptop, Netbook, iPad or other device in your space? Then you'll probably be interested to know about these:

You may have seen these on my desk in the first picture of my entire space, found here. These two items are always on my desk and travel with me too. You can see from the picture above how easily they come apart and fold flat! They are holders for your devices - keeps them at a workable and viewable level and for laptops & the like, keeps them cool when you're using them.

If you're interested in purchasing the above products, contact me for more info, or you can purchase them directly from the manufacturer by emailing

These are Canadian made, great quality, super light-weight (less than a pound!!), there are several products available in the product-line in black or white & you won't find anything else similar with all these characteristics for an affordable price (the basic laptop stand, for example, is approximately $20).

Oh, and did I mention that these were invented and created by my dad?! You may have noticed my customized laptop holder with the picture of my daughter on it. :)

Until next time, stay crafty!

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