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Organization, Part 1

As promised in my last post, I was going to share several of organization tips with you from my new craft space.

I'm the type of crafter that if I can't see it, I forget about it. So now that I've got all the wall space, I can display all my punches with the Bygel Rail System from IKEA that I've been drooling about since I spotted the ideas on Pinterest ages ago. What I never saw though is people taking advantage of the baskets or hooks that accompany this system.

The basket was perfect to hold all my border punches and smaller punches that either took up too much space on the rail, or didn't fit.

The plastic containers are perfect for all my hand-held punches & other accessories and the hooks, as you can see, are holding my punch templates, tools & my technique cards.

If this is something you'd like to do, I suggest running out to IKEA right now because they are discontinuing this product line!

Below are some previous posts on ways I have organized all my twine, Washi, ribbon & embellishments. Since I've previously blogged about them, I won't repeat it, but I loved these organizational methods so much, I had to incorporate them into my new space. They've worked out so well for me! You can probably see them in the picture in the last post.

Baker's Twine, Washi Tape, Ribbon Scraps Storage

Ribbon Storage

Embellishment Storage

Until next time, stay crafty!

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