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Dress It Up, Part Deux!

To continue from yesterday's post, I want to take you through the final design process of the shower invitations I created. Specifically walking you through how to make the gorgeous dress! First, here's what the final invitation looked like:

If you'd like to know how to recreate the dress, keep reading...

Using the Dress Up Framelits, cut out only the top half of the dress.

To make the skirt, the Tea Lace Paper Doilies from the Spring Catalogue are the perfect size. A few simple folds turn the round doily into a triangular skirt.

Fold the top down approximately a quarter of the way.

Fold the right side inwards, lining the scalloped edge to the edge of the inner circle of the doily.

Fold the left side over, lining the edge flush with the right edge.

Fold the top point over to create a flat edge. This is the "waist".

Next, you'll need some of the gorgeous 5/8" Flower Trim, also from the Spring Catalogue. It comes in one long strip, so you'll need to cut apart the flowers and then trim away some of the mesh backing so that it doesn't peek out from the flower.

Aside from the pieces created above, you'll need two small pieces of ribbon. One needs to be long enough to wrap around the waist of dress and the other slightly smaller. You'll fold this one in half to create "tails" to the sash.

Glue the skirt to the top and wrap the longer ribbon around the waste and secure at the back. I used tape to hold it in place. For the sash and the flower, I used glue dots to hold them in place.

This is what the dress looks like completed:

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial!

Until next time, stay crafty!

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  1. Love these dresses Steph! Thanks for the easy! Can't wait to try them :)


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