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I'm Still Waiting...

Wow, have I been ignoring my Blog or what?! Thanks for sticking around... I do have lots of projects coming up (I promise!), I'm still just waiting for my bundle of joy #2 to arrive. :) Could be any day now...

In the meantime, here is a quick little project I did in MDS for my daughter. It hangs in a frame for three pictures and I continue to swap out two photos as she grows.

I CASEd the layout from my blogging friend Tara (Murphy) Bourgoin who is an MDS genius! Her's was entirely text and I opted to add a newborn photo in the middle.

I chose to share this project now because you'll see another very similar one when this baby decides to make it's entrance into the world... and because MDS is great for so many things. It's especially great and easy to use for all those popular home decor projects you could pay big bucks for elsewhere! :)

Until next time, stay crafty!


  1. Thinking of you Steph. Hope your second bundle arrives soon. What a great MDS project!

  2. Love it, Steph! The picture is a great idea - makes it even more personal :)


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