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Organization 101

I did a little re-org in the studio yesterday and swapped around some of my containers and such. I love seeing everything and having things close at hand. For about the last 10 years, I've been using those wooden storage cubes that you can configure a bunch of different ways. They've seen me through several moves and tons of reconfigurations (that's what I love about them!) and finally I think I've found a configuration that works. Here are a few shots of some of the organization...

I'm not sure what I originally bought this cube for, but I did a little happy dance when I discovered the dividers fit my ribbon spools perfectly!

Same applies for my twine & trim drawer. I just love opening these up and taking a peek inside.

This last pic is obviously not a drawer, but this container now sits inside one of the shelves. It was actually in a pile to give away and then I thought it would be a better embellishment holder for all my little do-dads. Now I can just open it up and use my little scoopers to pick what I want. Aren't those sooooo adorable?!

Until next time, stay crafty!

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