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Craft Show Season!

Back again today with another post about craft shows. Yup, it's that time of year again and my first one is next weekend. Yikes! I had several ideas pop into my head today about my display and decided to do a mock up of it. Check it out...

Can you picture it? I know it's looking a little rough, especially without my table covers, signage or proper placement of some items, but it's getting there! Hauling all my product to and from shows really sucks sometimes. This year I'm hoping for it to be a little easier. I've repurposed several storage units from around my house that are multi purpose. They both carry my items AND display them. In years past I've hauled my products in separate tupperware type containers, plus my display containers. Not really smart, eh?! Let's take a closer look at some areas on my table:

This are is where all my greeting cards are. I've got several different varieties and price points. Picture a banner streamed along the back baskets, plus both baskets being the same size.

In this area I'll have some signage about classes and getting crafty, a handful of retired products for sale and some catalogues also. The unit in the middle has drawers (similar to the others I've faced forward) and that's where I'm keeping all my supplies - extra tags, pens & paper, tape, etc.

Lastly, this area is saved for all my gift giving and gift wrapping products. I have lots to choose from and lots more to add too... plus the appropriate signage.

What do you think?

Until next time, stay crafty!

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