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3D Wall Art

This is something I did a while back, but thought I'd share it with you because I really love it! :)

Paper: Pretty in Pink
This was actually inspired by some fabric Dahlias I saw on Pinterest. I thought it would be cool to re-create one of them from paper. Honestly, I just kinda just guessed how I should do this as I went along, and for a while, it wasn't looking so great. But I kept at it and I'm glad I did because I was so happy with how it turned out!

I covered a piece of Illustration Board (approximately 7 x 9") that I had lying around with a piece of Pretty in Pink card stock. Then I cut 3 x 3", 2 x 2" and 1 x 1" squares from the same colour. I curled the ends inward and glued them together. Once those were dry, I started gluing them to the board. Boy do I wish now that I had one of the NEW Silicone Craft Sheets back then! Would have made the whole process much easier...

For the center, I crumpled up 100's of hole-punched paper and glued them in bunches. To finish things off, I added a butterfly and sprayed the entire thing to protect it.

What do you think?

Until next time, stay crafty!

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